I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil. First published at the age of 14, I landed a copywriting gig at the ripe old age of 17…and I’ve been creating content, in one form or another, ever since.

Over the years, I’ve been honored to write for a variety of clients, with styles and messages unique to each individual and their business.

As you know, the landscape of online marketing is ever-changing, ever-evolving. For most entrepreneurs, the ‘rules’ seem to change so often (and make so little sense) that it can seem easier to just ignore them. However, this usually results in the even greater frustration of losing your online presence altogether.

You can almost smell a great piece of content, can’t you?

Words are so powerful, so valuable. But as the world of online marketing has changed, so has the way in which you’re forced to market online. If you want to maintain any level of visibility for success, you need to invest in someone with the skills to create great content.

Words are no longer the only viable content for marketing your message to the world.

Today, the most effective marketing content engages all of the senses.

In online marketing, for the moment, at least, this involves creatively reaching your market using:

  • Words
  • Video
  • Images and graphics
  • Audio

Even touch has been utilized (if you consider the use of touch screens) and who knows when smelling the ocean air or the freshly baked cupcakes pictured in blog posts might be possible!

Content Matters Today! So, I combine my love of writing engaging, compelling copy with my passion for design – using color, images, even sounds – to provide entrepreneurs and online professionals an edge in today’s online marketplace.

Contact Me and let’s talk about how I can help YOU!


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