What comes to mind when you hear the term ebook content?

  • A Romance Novel
  • A How-To Manual
  • An Informative ‘Freebie’

The above examples refer to the content within an ebook. The way you read an ebook is why you may think of:

  • Kindle (Amazon)
  • iBooks (Apple)
  • EPUB (International Digital Publishing Forum)

Whatever you may envision about ebooks – as with anything else involving technology – things continue to change. 

Not long ago, most people considered an ebook to be nothing more than their favorite published book in digital format. The length was expected to reflect the same number of pages as the published work and the price usually matched that of traditional bookstore pricing.

Today, readers using hand-held devices prefer shorter ebooks, choosing self-help topics, with average prices on Amazon ranging between .99 and 3.99.

More and more, the term ebook refers to a free, immediately downloadable PDF. Yours for the ‘opting in’. Such ebooks are created using content that matters to a specific audience, designed to be easily consumed, and include:

  • As few as 5 to 15 pages
  • Simple, clear language
  • Images or graphics
  • Links to other sources of more in-depth information
  • A Call-to-Action

An article by Anum Hussain, recently updated and published on HubSpot’s blog, offers 11 steps for creating an effective ebook, indicating that content matters in the following ways:

  • Quality
  • Clarity
  • Design
  • Value
  • Length

Recently, LinkedIn offered an ebook, presented as a PDF, which includes all of the above essential ingredients. Titled, The LinkedIn Advertising Agency Roundtable, it illustrates a great example of the type of ebook content that currently matters to readers.

Are you considering creating an ebook?

Pamela DeLoatch provides some helpful information on the most popular ebook formats in her article for Edudemic.

Whatever content you’re creating, what matters most is that it connects with your audience and satisfies your goals. If you need help with that – CONTACT ME today – and let’s talk about working together to make that happen!