10 Ways Experienced Content Writers Make Marketing Effective

10 Ways Experienced Content Writers Make Marketing Effective

Even though I’ve been writing content in various ways for over 40 years, I’m not easy with labeling myself an “Expert”. It’s not about having confidence in my ability to make marketing more effective as a content writer or doubting the quality of my work. (After all these years of writing, the one thing I can say is that I’m experienced)!

It’s more about the fact that, in the world of digital marketing, content is constantly evolving. Opinions on effective styles, formatting, and delivery methods are ever-changing based on an increased ability to collect data and measure the ways it impacts marketing efforts.

Trying to help clients understand the importance of their content while keeping up with all the latest digital marketing tools and strategies can be overwhelming for even the most experienced content writers.

In fact, just recently, I found myself writing a lengthy email in an attempt to explain my role and some of the reasons behind what I do – and I couldn’t help but think, “Maybe blogging about this could help other entrepreneurs better understand the ways that content writers can assist in providing quality marketing content.”

So here, in a nutshell, are what I think experienced content writers probably wish every entrepreneur and potential client understood:

10 Ways Experienced Content Writers Make Marketing Effective

  1. The quality of your content is important to your content writer.
  2. Your content writer considers your success his/her success.
  3. Quality content writers work hard to stay on top of their game.
  4. Online digital marketing is an ever-changing, ever-expanding realm.
  5. Because of #4 – dedicated content writers are constantly learning.
  6. Also because of #4 – even the most dedicated content providers can’t possibly know everything.
  7. Experienced content writers are focused on getting to know their clients – their message, voice, and target audience.
  8. Experienced content providers are familiar with the types of content and formatting that seem to be most effective for specific niches.
  9. Experienced content writers usually recognize when something is not working for their client.
  10. Experienced content writers can help you to develop personalized solutions for making your content more effective, helping you to reach specific goals.

Yes, it’s a financial investment to work with an experienced content writer. But here’s the thing: an experienced and professional content writer will be equally invested in you, as well.

When I am able to take clients where they want to go – that’s incredibly uplifting, encouraging, and rewarding to me. It’s why I do what I do, and why I love what I do.

Above everything else, your content writer wants you to be satisfied. It’s absolutely vital to the relationship that you be able to trust in his/her ability to provide you the quality you want and deserve. 

There’s Only One Wheel…

When a client does not fully trust in the skills of their content provider and looks to others (who are basically in the same boat as them) for advice and guidance – trusting in their peers opinions and input and bringing that back to the writer to implement…it can be more than a little hard to swallow.

Trust me, I understand how hard it can be to let others take the wheel – and I am not saying that you shouldn’t be at the helm of your own project – but what I am saying is that where there is only ONE wheel, if too many hands are involved at one time, direction becomes an issue. You can quickly end up lost in a sea of differing opinions and varying levels of navigational skills when you look for advice from everyone else who has ever set sail on the Internet. 

That’s not to say that someone else’s experience isn’t valid – it’s just this:

If you’re drowning – and you turn to another who recently almost drowned and ask them what to do – they can tell you what worked for them in their situation. And that solution (as you are about to go under yet again) can seem like a truly great one!

But if it worked for them because they are already a strong swimmer – and you can’t even doggy-paddle – then, it probably won’t be of help to you in the same way. In other words, you may need a very different resource to help keep you from going under for the last time…

No content writer can guarantee amazing results within a certain amount of time. However, you have the right to be satisfied that the content they provide is quality work – and that it is working for YOU.

And Remember: Even the most experienced content writer won’t be able to read your mind. Whatever your goals, they must first be clearly defined in your own mind, so that you can clearly communicate them to your content writer. Without this clarity, there will be no good way for either of you to measure what is – or isn’t – working.

Not all copywriters are content marketing specialists. But a content writer, trained and experienced in content marketing, knows that:

  • Some content can have damaging effects on marketing efforts
  • Some plans are riskier than others in content marketing
  • Some strategies fail because of poor execution
  • Some platforms work better than others for telling a brand’s story
  • Some channels are not well-suited for reaching certain personas

Hopefully, these points will provide better understanding for those working with content writers. They are just a few of the many ways in which an experienced content writer can contribute to your increased marketing success, becoming one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

If you’re attempting to build brand awareness, grow your online business, or attract new customers – you’re probably ready for a content marketing strategy. The Content Marketing Institute offers this free 16-page guideThe Essentials of a Content Marketing Strategy.

If you’ve got a strategy or have decided on a plan and are ready to begin working with an experienced content writer – let’s talk!

How to Get Focused on SEO

How to Get Focused on SEO

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Copywriting or Content Writing: Sales vs. Brand Awareness

Copywriting or Content Writing: Sales vs. Brand Awareness

While there is a growing awareness of the importance of content in marketing online, the question still exists: What is the difference between Copywriting and Content Writing? 

In March 2014, the Content Marketing Institute offered a research report listing brand awareness as the key content marketing goal of 82% of marketers.

So, what type of content can actually help you to meet this goal?


Content Marketing Has Changed How Your Content Matters Today

Content Marketing Has Changed How Your Content Matters Today

Things change. And so has content marketing.

Like you, we care about what matters in marketing a business today:

  • Content
  • Branding
  • Message
  • ROI

So, I reviewed our look and services at Content Matters Today and discovered some ways we could improve on things. I hope you’ll like the new ‘look’, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like our new pricing guide, too.

You’ll be happy to know that one thing hasn’t changed, though. We’ll still deliver on creating fresh, delicious content for your particular marketing needs, in the same timely manner our clients have come to appreciate – because that’s what matters!

Here’s the thing about change:

Sometimes, what matters most, is simply the willingness to change. But, of course, simply being willing is not enough. And change (for many of us) can be the hardest thing to do.

Sure, change can feel risky. But the rewards of changing up what really matters can make doing something new worth it all.

If you’ve been thinking that it’s time for a few changes – consider starting with your content.

Listen, it’s no secret that content matters today. Content continues to be the driving force behind every marketing success story – so it makes sense to invest in your message and the way it’s delivered.

  • Competition is fierce
  • Technology is advancing daily
  • Marketing strategies continually change

A Content Marketing Specialist, trained and experienced in today’s marketing strategies, can help you design and create a variety of quality content to help you stay ahead of the pack and remain visible in such a crowded marketplace.

Since your content is vital to the marketing of your products and services, if it’s not what matters most to you – it should be!

Are you ready to make some changes to your content? Or maybe you NEED content, and just have no clue where to begin. Content Matters Today is ready and willing to help you change all that – today!

There’s no risk in contacting us to request our Pricing Guide. We’d love to talk with you about what we do and how it can help you improve your content, increasing the success of your marketing efforts.

How to Smell a Great Piece of Effective Marketing Content

How to Smell a Great Piece of Effective Marketing Content

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Over the years, I’ve been honored to write for a variety of clients, with styles and messages unique to each individual and their business.

As you know, the landscape of online marketing is ever-changing, ever-evolving. For most entrepreneurs, the ‘rules’ seem to change so often (and make so little sense) that it can seem easier to just ignore them. However, this usually results in the even greater frustration of losing your online presence altogether.

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