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You Understand That Your Content Matters Today  

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If You Have:

A worthwhile message
Defined, realistic goals
A known niche/market

We Have Experience In:

Making your content even better
Writing engaging, optimized copy
Creatively combining words and media for effective results


Content Marketing Specialist Charlotte L. Hanna

Charlotte L. Hanna 

I combine over 35 years of experience in writing engaging, compelling, trustworthy copy – specialized training in content marketing and SEO – and a passion for design to give entrepreneurs and professionals a much-needed edge in today’s online marketplace. 

As you know, words are no longer the only ingredient necessary for creating the kind of delicious content your online audience will eagerly consume. In our fast-paced world of technology the most effective content engages all of the senses.

So, I help to develop strong marketing strategies, focused on delivering trustworthy content that matters to your particular niche, creatively using a combination of:

  • Words
  • Colors
  • Images and Graphics
  • Video
  • Audio

(And who knows when smelling the ocean air or the freshly baked cupcakes pictured in blog posts might even be possible!)

In today’s ever-changing, ever-evolving landscape of online marketing, I continue to remain fresh and on top of the latest content marketing strategies known to produce results, enabling Content Matters Today to provide you a variety of high-quality, well-structured, optimized content. 

“If you could use a little creative help to discover your edge – you’re our ideal client. Let’s Talk!” ~Charlotte L. Hanna

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Direct-Response Copywriter

 Copywriting / Data-Research / Social Media / Proofing / Editing

Kelly M. Fowler Content Matters Today

Kelly M. Fowler

My love for language began at a very young age and continues today as I work to carefully choose language that powerfully conveys specific messages intended to influence your particular niche or market.

The language of success in content marketing is built on a foundation of trust, and one of the best ways to build a solid relationship with your audience is through carefully researched and crafted content based on the actual needs of your market and what they are currently searching for.

If You Know Your Current Copy Needs Include:

      • Professional Proofreading/Editing
      • Engaging Social Media Posts
      • Quality Blog Posts
      • Personalized Emails
      • Data-Backed Content

Then you’re someone who knows just how much your content matters today – and I would love to talk with you!

The best way to get your content right is to focus on the ‘write’ copy.

Copywriting is the art and science of writing words that sell. It’s an effective marketing tool that requires a certain amount of attention to detail and time. If you’re not sure where to begin – or you just don’t have the time, I can help.

“I’m here to help you get your copy working for you, with better results.” ~Kelly M. Fowler


Colossians 3:23 

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