It isn’t all about me…

Ultimately, It’s Important That I Connect With Clients On A Level That Proves To Be A Good Fit For Everyone Involved.

Content Writer / Strategist / Designer / Producer

Certified Content Marketing Specialist

Certified Email Marketer

If You Have:

A worthwhile message
Defined, realistic goals
A known niche/market

I Have Experience In:

Ideas for improving your existing content
Writing engaging content, optimized for search engines
Creatively combining words, images, and audio for effective results


I combine my experience in writing engaging, compelling, trustworthy copy – specialized training in content marketing and SEO – and a passion for design to give entrepreneurs and professionals a much-needed edge in today’s online marketplace.

You probably know that words are no longer the only necessary ingredient when creating the kind of delicious content your online audience will eagerly consume and easily digest.

You’re probably here because you realize that in today’s fast-paced world of online marketing, to be effective, content must engage and satisfy at every level.

So, I use strong marketing strategies, focused on delivering trustworthy content that matters to your particular niche, creatively using a combination of all or some of the following:

  • Words
  • Colors
  • Images and Graphics
  • Video
  • Audio

(And who knows when smelling the ocean air or the freshly baked cupcakes pictured in blog posts might even be possible!)

In today’s ever-changing, ever-evolving online landscape, I continue to learn so that I can remain fresh and on top of the latest content marketing tools known to produce results, enabling me to provide entrepreneurs and organizations with a variety of high-quality, well-structured, optimized content. 

“If you could use a little creative help to discover your edge – you’re my ideal client. Contact Me and let’s talk about how I might be able to help you achieve your goals.” ~Charlotte L. Hanna

Colossians 3:23 

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